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Sapphire Bracelet
Style Code : GBR2553MS14
Style Code : GBR2554PSY

The term bracelet usually refers to a flexible piece of jewelry, one that drops softly around the wrist. it looks prettier with a circle of diamonds shimmering on your wrist catching the light as you move your arm, or a slender curve of gold enhanced with sapphires coiling around your wrist. There are many types of bracelets like sports bracelet, tennis bracelet and charm bracelet. And one such wearable wonder is tennis bracelet, worn memorably by tennis champion Chris Evert. This simple yet very elegant bracelet manufactured a row of a circular diamonds set in prongs or a series of channel set baguette and round diamonds. The tennis bracelet is one of those pieces of jewelry some women just wear all the time, like a wedding band. it can vary in importance according to the size of the diamonds. For a casual , easy to wear ,everyday kind of tennis bracelet, choose a yellow or white gold bracelet set with diamond and large gemstones like sapphire .the word sapphire sounds as magical as the images it conjures .sapphire usually means blue gem but we also find it in variety of colors like yellow, pink ,orange, purple sapphire , bracelets have been popular since a long time because the color represented paradise. Magicians felt sapphire bracelets helped them command spirit, as per others sapphire bracelets helped ward off evil and sickness including plague. Sapphire bracelets and sapphire jewelry continued to remain popular throughout the history. Sapphire bracelets are more worn by the people because of its beauty, magnificent color, transparency, constancy and durability. Sapphire strongly linked with feeling of sympathy, harmony, friendship and loyalty. As you go through our collection of bracelets at Jewelheaven.com you will find many sapphire bracelets enhanced with diamonds also on white gold, yellow gold or Platinum.

Style Code : JBR4179BS
Style Code : 8B01CADS
Style Code : PBR5143MS14


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