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Ruby Bracelets
Style Code : GBR-2554-R-Y
Style Code : 4B02JNDR

Bracelet is one of the types of ornamental jewelry worn around the wrist. There are many materials from which bracelet are made like leather, cloth, metal and sometimes certain rocks and shells. Tennis bracelet which follows the pattern of diamond bracelet that is commonly worn around the world by both men and women. The bracelet is one of the most romantic and elegant piece of jewelry. It sets off your wardrobe and draws attention to details in your dress. It adds a flash of color and brilliance that catches eye in never ending display of metals like yellow gold, white gold, platinum or titanium and stones like ruby. Sometimes half hidden by the cuff of sleeves, the bracelet enchants with its ever changing glint of gems and metals. Ruby is a red gem stone which has shade varies from light pinkish red to blood red. Ruby is basically a variety of mineral corundum (Aluminum Oxide) and chromium contributes red color to ruby. When it comes to word "ruby" anyone can visualize the colorful, emotional images which rubies invoke is fiery hearts, passion, romance, blood and power. If you wear ruby bracelet, it will bring health, wealth, wisdom and love. Some even believe that if you wore a ruby bracelet on left side than you have magical ability to live among enemies in peace. Ruby has magnificent color. Two words are associated with ruby is fire and blood, implying warmth and life for mankind. Ruby has magnificent color, excellent hardness and outstanding brilliance that are the reason for ruby to make ruby bracelets. Ruby is considered as īKing of Gems" as it is always a centre of attraction. Mixed cut ovals, round, heart are the few cuts of rubies you fond on ruby bracelets on Jewelheaven.com. Diamonds accented add shimmering radiance when ruby bracelet is worn. if you are looking for tennis and antique ruby bracelet, then Jewelheaven.com proudly has what you are finding.

Style Code : GBR2557RY
Style Code : 8B02CWDR
Style Code : GBR2557R


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