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Engagement rings
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Traditionally, since the mid 20th century, engagement rings were crafted with a silver or gold ring with a diamond in the center. In modern years, the mount and rings have expanded to include platinum rings, titanium rings or other expensive metals but the gemstone diamond has remained. The rationale of having a diamond ring is that a diamond is the most enduring beautiful and expensive gem.Today many people prefer other precious and semi precious stones such as sapphire engagement ring, ruby engagement ring, emerald engagement ring etc.
For traditionalist jewelheaven.com carries semi mount engagement rings that will accommodate diamonds and other gemstones of various sizes and shapes. To cater to the modern taste, Jewelheaven.com carries engagement rings with colored gemstones as the center stone such as sapphire engagement ring, ruby engagement ring, emerald engagement ring etc. Jewelheaven.com carries various styles and designs of semi mount engagement rings and color stone rings, from classic to contemporary to modern to satisfy every taste.

The modern practice of giving engagement rings began in the 15th century where the groom e gave his prospective bride a diamond engagement ring as an engagement present after she accepts his marriage proposal. The woman wore the ring on the left hand ring finger indicating her engagement to be married. An engagement ring is often significantly expensive and acts as a feeling of man's commitment to his bride. In Scandinavian Countries and Germany, both men and women wear engagement rings, in the form of plain matching bands of red gold. Designs of engagement rings have changed over the years, contemporary fashions for ring materials are gold, silver band mounting a single diamond.

Semi mount rings, emerald rings, ruby rings, sapphire rings, rings for every occasion. Jewelheaven.com has the right one for you.

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