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Emerald rings
Style Code : JR3299EMD
Style Code : JR-3539-EY

Nothing is quite breathtaking as an emerald ring. A white gold, platinum or yellow gold ring studded with diamonds brings out the luster for the emerald to make a sparkling emerald ring.

Colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium, emerald is a variety of the mineral beryl. Emerald is said to be a Sanskrit meaning of “Green”. Emeralds come in many shades from green to bluish green. There is a wide spectrum of clarity, dependent on the inclusions and fracture in the crystal. Clear stone with vibrant color command the highest prices and so it decided the price of emerald rings. An emerald ring is often worn because emerald symbolizes the green energy of healing it. It helps to revitalize the body, as its spirit is connected to rebirth, plethora and maturity.

At jewelheaven.com, in our emerald rings, the emerald is accented with diamonds and other gemstones set in spectacular mountings as well as solitaire emeralds that are dazzling. Whether you prefer a yellow gold emerald ring, white gold emerald rings or platinum rings with emeralds, Jewelheaven.com offers a wide variety of emerald rings with emeralds in all sizes and shapes to suit all tastes and prices.

Style Code : JR3466
Style Code : JR3217EMD
Style Code : 8R42KRDE


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